Who I am...

What I do

I'm a marketing strategist, copywriter, and business advisor with B2B branding chops who works hands-on with design-savvy businesses throughout Greater Boston to make things happen.

How I work

I prefer working on-site. Some companies hire me on a per-project basis for copywriting, implementing a system, or executing a business initiative. Others have me come in on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis as their part-time Marketing Director and/or Business Advisor. I’m flexible.

How I think

I am gregarious, forthright, compassionate, and pragmatic. I am Left Brained—analytical & practical. I am Right Brained—creative & intuitive. My marketing & business acumen makes me unique: I see all sides of promoting and managing a business.

How I got here

I started my career as a business manager for a few graphic design firms, who grew to be acclaimed shops. I evolved that experience to become a marketing strategist for various kinds of small (and not-so-small) businesses—with a keen eye for compelling concepts, salient copywriting, smart typography, and "let's make it happen" pragmatism.

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